mandag den 19. marts 2012

Motel Bien Venido

For about one and a half years ago I started my small collection of photographic prints. That was something that I had been thinking about for quite some time, and it have given me great pleasure, that I finally got around to it. I really enjoy looking at he pictures that I now have hanging on my walls. I am intending to slowly expand my little collection but also intend it to be nothing fancy.
I will one by one show my prints here, and the first I will show is Motel Bien Venido by Walker Pickering.

As with several of my other prints, I bought this at That is 20USD for a 8"x10" print in an edition of 200. And they have lots of great art.

This is the statement from Walker Pickering about this photo:
This project came about largely because of my restlessness at home and constant urge to travel. My wife and I moved around the country a few times over the course of several years, and I became less and less satisfied with making photographs at home once we settled down.Nearly West has been my catharsis, while also allowing me to imagine my own life in each of these places.

I like this photo for several different reasons:
Even though this is a rather crowded composition it still clearly have that wast, lost, time-has-stopped feeling that many of us Europeans connect with many parts of the USA. This is of cause partly because there is no people in the pictures.
It has a strong sense of being a little stranded, but moving on shortly. This is a single frame in a road movie.
The very rectangular composition is almost to much, but for me it works together we the theme of the picture. The round hill is OK, but the only part of the picture that does not work for me is the power lines over the hill - they don't fit with the composition.
The color scheme ties it all together - it has a great feeling of a 60'ies snapshot. I am however nagged a little about it being almost to perfect with basically only 3-4 tones all together. Perhaps a little to much cheating has been going on?

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